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Help heal your community by helping individuals overcome addiction.

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Help Save a Life by Giving this Tuesday, December 3

On this year's Giving Tuesday I'm asking you to join us in our battle to combat addiction and stigma in our community. Your gift--any amount--will help us SO MUCH as we continue to fight the opioid crisis and the chaos and violence that comes with it. Your money goes directly to our educational programs, to help keep drugs out of the hands of our children. To our treatment programs, where we heal individuals so they can start the healing in their families. To the hospitals, where our Recovery Coaches help overdose patients brought back from the dead (with Narcan), to find recovery and begin the journey back to health. And to the recovery residences, where individuals already in recovery are taught how to maintain it, despite the many stresses and triggers of everyday life.

Our mission is urgent. We still hear about the opioid epidemic, though it has faded somewhat in the news of late. Folks, it is every bit as bad--or worse--than it has ever been, and we are fighting it. We are making good progress but it is slow going, and WE NEED YOU. Not just your money, but also your ideas, your volunteer time, your positivity and your energy. We need to strengthen our movement and fight the disease of substance use disorder from every angle. Will you help us? Every dollar you give is spent to treat the people who suffer. You can make a huge difference in someone's life!

The following is a description of our Women's Specialty Program, and the story of one client who is making the

By Aileen Vazquez, LMSW

Within the Women’s Specialty Program at Home of New Vision, we are able to provide clients with comprehensive services including case management, Peer Recovery Coach services, therapy etc. As a Women’s Specialty Therapist, I am fortunate enough to witness the beauty that recovery yields. It is particularly inspirational to witness progress in the lives of women with children and/or who are pregnant, which the Women’s Specialty Program serves.

One particular client that comes to mind is a 26-year-old woman who was transferred to me from another clinician that left the agency. Prior to beginning her recovery journey, she was a woman who was lost. She had experienced a great deal of pain and trauma in her life and she found comfort in drugs and alcohol. She had trouble managing her mental health symptoms, which were only exacerbated by her use. She learned she was pregnant soon after beginning therapy with me and at the time, she was early in recovery. During her time in therapy, she has shown great progress and has been able to maintain her recovery. She explored her identity as a woman in recovery and a mother while she was pregnant. She also was able to continue to address her mental health in order to learn to manage her symptoms effectively.

She now has a beautiful family. Her little girl is one and a half years old, she remains in recovery, and she has a supportive and loving partner. She found that she loves her life now and that she has all of the things she dreamed of having. She is able to be fully present to enjoy her little girl growing up because of her recovery.

Please help us help more women and their children! Your support truly makes a difference in our ability to provide things to them, like baby car seats, for example, or formula, or diapers. . . These women in early recovery and beyond are trying so hard to stay healthy. They want to get better! Sometimes everyone needs a little extra help, to get over a hump. With Home of New Vision turning out healthy, healed families through this multi-year program, we feel we are doing our job of healing the community. You can too! A donation of any size is helpful, so whatever you can do is very much appreciated!! Thank you!

Here's another inspiring story of one of our clients:

Another client that has received Women’s Specialty Program services was facing termination of her rights to her baby when she first entered our program. She had delivered her baby in a car, had been using drugs throughout her pregnancy, and was in a domestic violence relationship. She received Peer Recovery Coach services, therapy, and case management at Home of New Vision. She was able to gain the motivation to work towards recovery during her time in treatment and increased her awareness of her disease. This client was able to leave the domestic violence situation that she was in, obtain custody of her daughter, and maintain her recovery. She is actively engaged in the recovery community. The most important aspect of her life is her children and she is grateful to be able to be in their lives now. She currently has over a year and a half of recovery time and will be volunteering as a peer at Home of New Vision in order to help inspire and guide others.

Thank you for helping families in your community stay healthy. If you have any questions, please email Christina at