Help our struggling clients in recovery pay their rent!  image

Help our struggling clients in recovery pay their rent!

You can be a housing hero.

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$15,600 goal

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Help keep recovering people safe!

Dear Friend,

The coronavirus outbreak has had devastating consequences for many people, particularly those who have been asked not to come to work, and do not get paid for time off. This is the situation for many who are living in recovery housing, and as a consequence they are unable to pay their rent.

The Housing Relief Fund will help these individuals with their rent, which costs $130/week per person. Can you help? Housing stability is critical for those in early recovery, who are doing their best. Being homeless or in a housing dilemma (such as temporarily staying with a friend or family member) can often make staying in recovery very difficult, if not impossible, largely because of the stress and anxiety caused by uncertainty.

Please help our brothers and sisters in recovery! Your donation of $130 will help a person with his/her rent for a week. For $520 you can house someone for a month. If these numbers are too much, any amount will help. It all adds up, and we so appreciate you!

Thank you for your support!


Glynis Anderson, CEO/Founder of Home of New Vision