Help us continue to serve during the COVID-19 pandemic! image

Help us continue to serve during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Our clients are in dire need of assistance, especially now. Can you help?

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We need everyone on board!

Our philosophy is that substance use disorders are treatable, chronic diseases whose progression can be interrupted at any point. We believe that substance abuse education, treatment, and support are effective ways to intervene in the progression and development of chemical dependency, and to allow for sustained, long-term recovery.

A letter from our CEO, Glynis Anderson:

Dear Friends and Families,

I'm asking you to join us in our battle to combat addiction and stigma in our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your gift--any amount--will help us SO MUCH as we continue to fight the opioid crisis and the chaos and violence that comes with it. Your money goes directly to our educational programs, to help keep drugs out of the hands of our children. To our treatment programs, where we heal individuals so they can start the healing in their families. To the hospitals, where our Recovery Coaches help overdose patients brought back from the dead (with Narcan), to find recovery and begin the journey back to health. And to the recovery residences, where individuals already in recovery are taught how to maintain it, despite the many stresses and triggers of everyday life.

Many of our clients at Home of New Vision have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and are really struggling right now. You can help by donating here so we can provide basic supplies like groceries, diapers, baby formula and more.

Home of New Vision is committed to helping our clients transition into recovery and live in recovery. Beating an addiction is hard enough in the best of times, let alone when you're in a bad situation financially, like being unable to feed your family or pay the bills. Living with this kind of stress makes recovery very difficult, to say the least!

Please donate to our Relief Fund today, and know that your gift is helping someone in recovery who is in a desperate situation due to COVID-19. Your gift truly matters, and we need you to partner with us! From all of us at Home of New Vision, THANK YOU! You are making a difference, and we appreciate you!

With gratitude,

Glynis Anderson, LMSW, ACSW


PS. Please support Home of New Vision. The opportunity to make a profound difference in someone's life is here, right now! In addition to 7 recovery houses, Home of New Vision offers 16 other programs & services to meet the needs of recovering individuals in our community. Your support helps us bring vital outreach to the public and numerous treatment options to our clients. We can do this!